English Declamation Contest News Story

Noreen Ammad | Staff Correspondent | Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, Girls Branch, Islamabad

Islamabad: The English Declamation contest was arranged for the Middle School students of Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, Girls Branch, Islamabad in order to provide them with a platform to exhibit their Impeccable debating skills with confidence and eloquence. It was very difficult for the judges to choose the winners stressing on the importance of participation in such significant events. Well-done and congratulations to all the winners!

Position Holders

Grade 6
  • Tooba Amin,6-Silver (1st)
  • Areha Kiani 6-Blue (2nd)
  • Manha Sohail,6- Orange ( 2nd)
  • Sarah Khan,6-Green (3rd)

Grade 7:
  • Guldama Khalid ,7-Green (1st)
  • Fizza Salman ,7-Green (2nd)
  • Nandara Shahid, 7-Silver (2nd)
  • Maella Naqvi ,7-Red (3rd)
  • Khadija Binte Qasim ,7-Silver (3rd)

Grade 8:
  • Minal Khan,8-Red (1st)
  • Mahrukh Fatima,8-Red (2nd)
  • Ye Yulian,8-Green (3rd)

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