Trophies and medals in World Scholars Cup 2020 BMI-B News Story

Hareem Zehra| Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus Islamabad

Islamabad: The closing ceremony of World Scholars Cup, held on February 27, 2020, was of utter joy and celebration for the Beaconhouse Margalla Campus Islamabad (BMI) Boys Campus. Several awards and trophies’ were won by the boys in various categories.

Saim Rehman successfully secured Gold Medals for overall highest in literature and media highest in history and highest in literature and media. He also got awarded a Gold Medal for Seventh in Individual Collaborative Writing, Silver Medal for Collaborative Writing for team, Gold Medal for team debates, Gold Medal for team debates individual, Seventh in overall result individual, fifth in Scholar's challenge team and qualifying for Global Round at sixth place (Gold Medal).

Omer Ahmed also bagged prestigious awards, such as Scholars Challenge 3rd overall debates performance, Gold Scholars Challenge, Silvers Gold Collaborative writing, Silver Collaborative Writing, Silver, Scholars Bowl (Gold Medal), Overall Scholar - 6th place (Gold Medal), Da Vinci Scholar (Gold Medal) and qualified for the 3rd place.

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