Annual Sports Beats 2020 News Story

Rabia Jamal and Faryal Azam | Staff correspondent TBT | Les Anges Montessori Academy Wapda Town Lahore

Lahore: Les Anges Montessori Academy (LMA) Annual Sports Beats 2020 was held on 28 February 2020 at the Wapda Town Campus, Lahore. Dr. Saima Ghazal, Assistant Professor Punjab University, graced the event with her presence, and distributed medals and certificates to the deserving students.

The programme began with the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran, followed by a welcoming speech from the Headmistress. She addressed the audience with a lot of warmth and emphasised the importance of sports in a child’s physical development.

The Sports Beats opened with an energetic and synchronized student March, followed by activities such as karate, gymnastic, aerobic and PT display. All the students from Pre-Nursery to Class 2 were encouraged to actively participate in these extracurricular activities.

Beaconhouse strives to promote healthy competition and teaches students to embrace both victory and defeat gracefully. The strongest amongst us aren’t the ones that win, but are the ones who do not give up when they lose. Failure is just part of the journey. F.A.I.L, as they say it, is the ‘First Attempt In Learning.’

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