Roohi Haq Learning Tower: A Tribute to a Visionary Educationist News Story

Lahore: On the 10th of March, Newlands Learning Tower was renamed the Roohi Haq Learning Tower to commemorate the service of Mrs. Roohi Haq to Beaconhouse. Mrs. Kasuri, chairperson of Beaconhouse, graced the occasion, amongst others.

Mrs. Haq’s contribution to the development of education at Beaconhouse has been paramount, and this has been evident in her long-standing association with Beaconhouse since 1986. This tribute is for all the contributions, and the years she has dedicated to our shared vision to reinvent the educational approach in Pakistan by providing quality education of an international standard.

Mrs. Haq started her journey with Beaconhouse as the English coordinator for Beaconhouse Northern Region. From 1988-1992, she served as the headmistress at the Beaconhouse Primary School, Rawalpindi, followed by being the academic coordinator at the Beaconhouse Northern Regions from 1992-1995. In 1997, Mrs. Haq was accredited as a teacher trainer by the University of Bradford and the Plymouth Marjon University. Subsequently, Mrs. Haq was appointed as director of studies for Beaconhouse.

Under her supervision as director of studies from 1996-2013, several important projects were successfully completed. Along with advising the chief executive on recruitment and promotion criteria in the senior management cadre, Mrs. Haq also initiated and established a system for school evaluation based on self-review. She worked in collaboration with international educational consultants for further innovation, implemented modern English-language reading schemes, and set up 150 libraries in Beaconhouse schools all over Pakistan.

Her enchanting personality and smiles attracted students, and she also shared a special bond with each of her colleagues. Her leadership skills enabled her to establish a position in the organisation, while colleagues have always praised her unbiased guidance.

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