Saadia Shahzad| Staff Correspondent TBT Upper Primary Section | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

Lahore: M Arham Ali of class VI Green successfully completed all modules of PomPak – Learn to Earn and received certification from the State Bank of Pakistan project. It was a great achievement on part of this young learner to have completed all modules up to the bracket of 21 years of age over a very short span of time.

Quoting Diane Ackerman, “Play is our favourite way of learning.” This young student of ours learnt about investment and how to deal with financial matters through this game. He recommended it to his fellow students through a video message. In these distressful times, making good use of gadgets and learning positively to be aspirations for others is an achievement on part of our brilliant learners.

A huge number of our students are playing this game and have received their certificates on completion of their respective age bracketed module. It is Pakistan’s first online financial literacy course which is delivered through an engaging and interactive game. It helps students to master the essentials of saving, budgeting, borrowing, banking and other key topics.

National Financial Literacy Program for Youth congratulated and shared the video of M Arham Ali where he has talked about his learning experience on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Keep shining and keep learning!


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