Independence Day Celebrations News Story

Anam Adeel | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Middle Campus Karachi

Karachi: This year, a week-long celebration was planned to mark 73 years of independence of Pakistan at Beaconhouse North Nazimabad, Middle Branch. The celebration started from 17th August, 2020, and it comprised of activities that took place on the virtual learning platform of Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted.

Throughout the week, students of Grade VI, in their English lessons, created comic strips to express the importance of freedom. Students of Grades VII and VIII created documentaries based on National Heroes of Pakistan, using video-making tools like and

In Mathematics lessons, students of Grades VI and VII collaborated to compare the difference in the population of Pakistan over time and represented their findings graphically, in the form of bar charts. They also put together the socio-economic effects of this growth in population. Students of Grade VIII used timelines to mathematically represent important events that took place during the course of the freedom movement.

Creativity and collaboration were ensured in Science lessons wherein students of Grades VI and VII designed their gadgets, which may serve as prototypes of machines of the future, able to manage waste disposal mechanism in Karachi. Students of Grade VIII expressed their vision of a clean and green Pakistan, using video-making tools of their choice.

During History and Geography lessons, students of Grades VI and VII created documentaries based on the origin of our national flag and the significance of its colours and symbols. Students of Grade VIII collaboratively designed presentations to demonstrate the positive effects of the Green Revolution in Pakistan and emphasized on the need to plant more trees annually.

In their Urdu lessons, students of Grades VI, VII and VIII used design software like and created posters to raise awareness on maintaining social distancing and taking safety measures while celebrating Independence Day.

Heartfelt wishes were extended to Students and Parents and an e-badge was uploaded for all to celebrate the day in its usual zeal and fervour. Students’ work was celebrated and displayed on Branch Facebook page as well.

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