Celebration of Global Dignity Week News Story

Noreen Ammad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Margalla Girls Campus Islamabad

Islamabad: Beaconhouse Margalla Campus - Girls Branch celebrated Global Dignity Week with several exciting activities. Innovative and exciting collaborative activities were conducted like poster and card making, where students artistically captured the true spirit of dignity. Moreover, a Dignity Lunch was served to the campus support staff to honour and acknowledge their hard work. The last activity was the session of ‘Talk’, where students with spirited voices displayed their awareness of the principles of Dignity. The zesty culmination of the week-long activities and Virtual Global Dignity Day celebrations was on the 21st of October, 2020. A considerable number of students participated, keeping their social distancing and yet in unison voicing their stand and support for Global Dignity Day goals. No wonder those globally accepted principles of dignity, honour, respect, equality, self-worth and the worth of others have become part and parcel of the school's Learners Profile, corroborated by the students' attitude towards all those values while believing in equal rights for everyone.

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