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Global Dignity Day Celebrated at Beaconhouse Schools across Pakistan News Story

October 20, 2011: The Global Dignity Day was celebrated by teachers and students of Beaconhouse schools across Pakistan with enthusiasm. The day recognises the Universal Right of every individual to lead a dignified life.

In the light of this theme, we celebrate the global dignity day with an initiative to commend and encourage good practices of dignified and courageous individuals of our society. 

The purpose of celebrating this day was to highlight the fact that all people poor or rich and all occupations/jobs are bound to equal amounts of respect and have the same importance.

Beaconhouse Schools organised special assemblies for this purpose, during which students shared their personal experiences regarding school staff and other people who are not rich but maintain lives worth respecting.

Students also presented Role Plays and wrote poems highlighting the importance and principles of dignity. Some schools also invited professionals belonging to NGOs who spoke about the importance of Dignity Day.

The event helped a great deal in teaching importance of dignity in our daily life to the students. Videos of the entire assemblies were also recorded by the schools in order to share the experience with the community at large.

Beaconhouse schools also engaged in fundraising activities such as organising bake sales, donating books and other stuff to help the underprivileged members of society.

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