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Bushra Areeb Fatimah | Staff Correspondent TBT | Harley Street Campus

February 08, 2013

Rawalpindi: Lockdown drills are means of practicing preparedness in the event of an emergence. Generally an announcement is made that the building is going on an immediate lockdown. At that point, all occupants go to a room and lock all doors and windows tight. They must remain still until a "clear signal" has been issued. A similar lock down drill was practiced at HSPR where a continuous hooter was blown and all the students got under the table leaving everything aside and the teachers locked the door. After a few minutes, a clear signal was given by blowing the hooter for short interval.

Manaal and Hifza locked under the table for lock down drill
Ayesha and Humna enjoying the practice
All waiting for the clear signal.
All cooped up

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