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Hiba Fatima Jafri | Staff Correspondent TBT | NNP-I

Apr 1, 2013

Karachi: North Nazimabad Primary I students participated in the School Enterprise Challenge, organised by the UK-based Teach A Man To Fish organisation, which engaged their young minds with real-life experiences. The competition was aimed at providing opportunities for students to gain the confidence to be successful future entrepreneurs. Every team was supposed to come up with business ideas and practise them at the school.

From among 22 other schools in the competition, NNP-I was declared the country winner from Pakistan! Our students put together a business where a team of eight students helped children celebrate their birthdays at the school during the lunch break, providing the food and setting everything up.

The teachers helped them out in the initial stages by showing them how to keep records and organise things. The students then made posters to advertise their business before starting. Their first birthday party was a free sample, with capital provided by the Head Teacher.

Their business was a success, with students regularly hiring them to organise their birthday parties at the school. At the start of the venture, they had agreed to donate their income to Children's Cancer Hospital in Karachi. The hospital was given a cheque for Rs 19,000 in the first term and another for Rs 18,770 in the second term. Mr Kazi Munir Uddin, the Marketing Executive of the hospital, received the cheques.

The Teach A Man To Fish organisation's report can be accessed here:

The young entrepreneurs of NNP-I

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