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Asma Waheed | Staff Correspondent TBT | F-7/3 Primary

May 08, 2014

Islamabad: F-7/3 Primary held an Inter-Branch Debate Competition on May 2, with their neighbouring branch F-7/2. Aiza Humayun and Jibreel Hamed of Class V conducted the event.

Students spoke in favour of and against three different topics which were, ‘Buttering up Teachers Will Reward’, ‘Superman, Batman and Spiderman are Misleading Heroes’ and ‘Money Can Buy Happiness’. School Group III Academic Manager Mrs Rahat Agha, F-8 Branch Senior Mistress Mrs Sadia Zafar and Mrs Shazia Najeeb were the judges.

At the end of each round, an honorary panel of parents shared their views on the topics.

The winners for each topic were:

Buttering up Teachers Will Reward

Best debater (for)

Bia Khan


Best debater (against)

Mahrukh Hibba


Best Team (against)

Yahya Ubbad, Mirha Saleem and Mahrukh Hibba


Superman, Spiderman and Batman are Misleading Heroes

Best debater (for)

Hashim Irfan


Best debater (against)

Neha Timizi


Best Team (against)

Neha Timizi, Shaheer Hammad and Areesha Hayee


Money Can Buy Happiness

Best debater (for)

Bilal Badshah


Best Team (for)

Ayesha Irfan, Mishal Rehan and Bahmeen Furrukh


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