Zurez Raheel of VII Pink Student in the Spotlight

Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

Saadia Shahzad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

"Experimentation keeps new ideas rising to the surface.” – Joseph Orr

Lahore: Zurez Raheel of VII Pink, BSS Walton Campus Lahore, participated in the Inter-School STEM Video Challenge organized by BSS Johar Town Campus in March 2021. We are delighted to announce that our brilliant young scientist, Zurez Raheel of VII Pink won the 2nd prize in Inter-School STEM Video Challenge.

Zurez performed an experiment based on the concept of Electrolysis which is the process of using electricity to decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen gas. He used the simplest of material in the form of pencil which is made of wood and has lead inside it. The other items that he used are readily available at home like, an empty container, batteries, wires, and some adhesive material. He assembled these parts to experiment.

“I was overwhelmed at the power of science. Until a few years ago I didn’t know that experimenting is safe and can be done at a micro-level safely as well. I am happy that I was able to conduct a successful experiment and win a position for my school,” said Zurez.

Lead, which is classified as a metal and has good conductivity. Zurez attached one pencil to the positive terminal of the battery to act as a cathode and attached another battery with a negative terminal acting as an anode. Through this assembly, he successfully separated hydrogen (a positive ion attracted to anode) and oxygen (a negative ion attracted to a cathode). His experiment shows how well he can judge and identify different materials, to use them to classify and separate different materials. The experiment is worth a learning experience for all students his age.

Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought. Charles K. Kao

Yay! Little scientist, keep it up!