Romaisa Habib | A Level | Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
You don't hear it enough but I am proud of you
I am proud of how you shaped mountains into obstacle courses
And your obstacle courses into something you can pass through
It takes more than just dedication to be you
Unapologetically you
It takes all the scrapped poems
And the decision to scrap them
It takes all that paper you discarded full of ink
And the decision to ink them that way

You spent your time nurturing your ideas
To become who you are now
The velvet skinned
Glowing, almost burning
Reflection off of your teeth
And still loathing them

I am my past self's mother
When I Iook at my memories I see the first tooth I lost
The first friend that lied to me and I didn't say a word
I see the swear jar of my mistakes, the currency of my growth making its way to the lid
I spend this wisely
I choose my time wisely now
I spend my time as if it's the only thing I have
I thought I knew everything there was to know but I was wrong
I didn't know I'd look back at her
Shivering, scared, scrawny clutter of bones
I didn't think I’d look back at her
That I'd look at the mess I made of myself and tell her I'm proud of her
But I am
Note to my former self,
You don't hear it enough but I am proud of you
You didn't hear it enough, but it's not too late
Spring is in Sight
M. Ammar Shahid | Class VIII| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
Gone are the days when
Icy winds blew,
Dark gloomy clouds hovered
Over the skies.

The sun’s golden rays are
Greeted with smiles,
With kids and elders
All basking in its glory.

The meadows and fields
All colourful and bright,
Air perfumed with the sweet fragrance
Of jasmines and roses.

With sparrows tweeting and
Robins chirping
Kids chuckling and elders gossiping.

There’s fragrance in the air
And happiness on faces
It’s all because
Spring is in sight!
A Tribute to Asma Jahangir
Rumaisa Habib | A Level| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore

As a woman I am expected
To be quieter than my footsteps
For my shoes are made of something dainty
And by someone whose name I can't pronounce

I am supposed to make my sentences as short as my stature
For the fear that no one will listen if I continue

As a woman
When I see someone 5 feet like Asma Jahangir
With an influence larger than herself
With sentences longer than I thought I could ever use
For the fear of being irrelevant
Being 5 feet feels not so bad for me

As a woman
When I realise my worth
Is not defined by the space I occupy
Rather it's the words that occupy the mind
I realise it's time to buy new shoes
That reflect the loudness of how I feel
In the attempts that if I step hard enough
Backs will turn to me

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