Disney Studios
Dua Nadeen | Class V Purple | Beaconhouse I-9 Campus, Islamabad
You must know about Mickey Mouse,
Who lived with his pet, Pluto, in his house
Or that liar Pinocchio who was not so strong,
When he lied; his nose grew long.

All that Big Bad Wolf need was
To eat three pigs with his paws.
Tarzan Mowgli from the Jungle Book,
Was not even scared of Captain Hook.

Little clownfish Nemo,
Was not acting as Dumbo.
In the movie Cars, Lightning McQueen drove so fast
That he didn’t stop till last.

When Alice Went in Wonderland,
Over there she met a musical band.
Belle met Beast, who came up as a prince,
She didn’t get grumpy ever since.

Toy Story Woody,
Was the property of Andy.
And famous Robin Hood
Always went in the woods.

All these characters in Disney magic
From which boredom gets totally allergic.
You can find it in Hollywood,
Go there, if you could.

In Paris, there is a Disneyland,
Which is located near a beach full of sand.
If you went there your dream will become true
Because there you will find Winnie the Pooh.

I guess Annabelle,
Is the sister of Claraselle.
Donald Duck and Sleepy Daisy,
Are also the part of Walt Disney.

It’s a very good company,
It takes you to fantasy.
It will take you to Fantasia
While chewing gum acacia.
Where Shalt I Find Thou?
Sara Javed | Class IX | Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
Find Allah in everything,
In the charcoal darkness of the filthy night,
In the crook and crannies of the day embossed in gold and silver,
In the books that speak the truth,
In the prayer mat that awaits to engulf you during prostration,
and in people.
Most of all, in people.
As when you search and rake each being for Allah,
When you put your love and your truth and allow others to be drenched in it,
You allow yourself to drench in His NUR too.
Have you not found him, then?
My Expectations
Dua Nadeem, Anam Ahsan, Eshaal Imran, Maheen Qureshi | Class V | Beaconhouse I-9 Campus, Islamabad
There are no worries
And no hurries.
Oh what a joy!
When I see all the colorful koi,
It gives me ray of hope
That I am not tied with a rope
It relieves my stress
That my life is not a mess.
I want appropriate clothing
and ambiance which is calm and soothing
I want to visit all the sandy beaches
And eat some tasty peaches.
I want to live my life without allergies
I’d like to pursue all my hobbies
I want to play a funny trick
On a person who is wise
and steal his French fries
I want to wear a cape
And then escape
On a day that is sunny
And enjoy teaspoon full of honey
I also want to be free
And capture the best scenery
There is nothing extremely challenging
Spending all these days in joyful travelling
Through these anticipations
I can feel warmth and relaxation
I love to have unhealthy meals
And riding on a bicycle with one wheel
I don’t want to have rest
I want to reach the mountain’s crest
I want to feel the heat
And dance on a mellow beat
I want to experience tourism
Without facing any racism
I’ll open the corridors of learning
And be the person who loves sharing
I’ll avail all the prospects of success
If I will be able to get enough access
I want to feel comfort
While enjoying my sweet dessert
These are my unrealistic expectations
Which have no full stops, no limitations.

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