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Nusaiba Anis Khan | Class 7-A | NNP-VI
This world is so big, so big and wide
but what do the people do inside?
They destroy and fight and leave no light
we don’t want war, we want peace
but peace is not something you can find,
to make peace my friend you must learn to be kind
you must learn to tolerate , those who hate
go kill them with kindness, and show them your wise-ness
Together lets unite to bring peace and make this world a masterpiece!
Maria Ali | Class VI-A | Beaconhouse Frontier Campus
The stars in the sky are sparkling and bright
They all appear in my sight
In the sky they shine
For a long, long time
From night to midnight
They just give me light
Up above the world so high
Like gem stones in the sky
When the blazing sun is gone
When there’s nothing to shine on
Then it shows its little light,
Twinkle twinkle, all the night.
Summer Slumber
Mishal Nasir | Class VII-Red | Allama Iqbal Town Campus
Longer days and shorter nights,
Fuller nature, lighter lights,
Louder music, wilder friends,
No more pencils, no more pens!

Sandy toes and sandy nails,
Haircut short and ponytails,
Once again, sweet summer returns,
Bringing sunshine and sunburns.

No need to tot up the days till school,
A pattern that makes me as bored as a mule,
Settle down in the grass with a scented inhale,
And listen to the nature that tells its tale.