New Beginnings
Eelaf Noor | Class XI-White| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
I lived in a place where the desperate cries of fragile species were silenced
I silenced my objections and accepted their vile bearings
After all, who was I to speak?
I was only to bear the pain of a child, the afflictions of a husband the burden of a thousand unsaid thoughts that I will take to the grave
After years of suffering, I decided to look up to sky and ask for rain once again
I asked for the sun that once shone down on me and gave me the warmth of a home I craved
After years of sacrifice, I stole a single moment of leverage life gave me and made that into a lifetime
I look in the mirror and see someone fighting a new battle every day, carrying the weight of broken yesterdays and the hope for every tomorrow to come
I am entering a realm unknown to me till yet
A world of choices and acceptance and belief
Of every next breath, I am still unsure, the taste of freedom not yet familiar
I am trying to let go of the woman I was a thousand yesterday’s ago, but my tyrannized soul still hears whispers of blasphemy on such a thought
I am aware such torturous thoughts will stain my future on many occasions
The nightmares of the life I left behind may very well catch up to me, I may be weary of every decent man that gathers the courage to talk to me
After all my efforts, I still left a part of me in one of the yesterdays
However, the courage I find in me is not temporary
It is not a box of forgotten memories that I will find once in a while
My determination stems from self-love and acceptance that I perceived after years of silence. With every new beginning, I recover a lost part of mysel
Romaisa Habib | A Level | Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
You don't hear it enough but I am proud of you
I am proud of how you shaped mountains into obstacle courses
And your obstacle courses into something you can pass through
It takes more than just dedication to be you
Unapologetically you
It takes all the scrapped poems
And the decision to scrap them
It takes all that paper you discarded full of ink
And the decision to ink them that way

You spent your time nurturing your ideas
To become who you are now
The velvet skinned
Glowing, almost burning
Reflection off of your teeth
And still loathing them

I am my past self's mother
When I Iook at my memories I see the first tooth I lost
The first friend that lied to me and I didn't say a word
I see the swear jar of my mistakes, the currency of my growth making its way to the lid
I spend this wisely
I choose my time wisely now
I spend my time as if it's the only thing I have
I thought I knew everything there was to know but I was wrong
I didn't know I'd look back at her
Shivering, scared, scrawny clutter of bones
I didn't think I’d look back at her
That I'd look at the mess I made of myself and tell her I'm proud of her
But I am
Note to my former self,
You don't hear it enough but I am proud of you
You didn't hear it enough, but it's not too late
Spring is in Sight
M. Ammar Shahid | Class VIII| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
Gone are the days when
Icy winds blew,
Dark gloomy clouds hovered
Over the skies.

The sun’s golden rays are
Greeted with smiles,
With kids and elders
All basking in its glory.

The meadows and fields
All colourful and bright,
Air perfumed with the sweet fragrance
Of jasmines and roses.

With sparrows tweeting and
Robins chirping
Kids chuckling and elders gossiping.

There’s fragrance in the air
And happiness on faces
It’s all because
Spring is in sight!

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