Teacher Teacher
Fawwaz Adil | class VII-A | NNP-VI
Teacher teacher,
Every moment on guard
Looking at every child’s great art
Telling us what’s right what’s wrong
Teaching us great things all day long

Teacher teacher
Raising us higher from the primary to the middle
Caring for us since we were very little
Taught all good things of life to us
And never made a fuss.

Teacher teacher,
As the primary ends,
I’d thank you for all the lending hands
‘Cause nothing is better than you And so I care for you too

Happy, as happy as I leave the school
I’d like to say sorry for everything
Cause you made me fly like a wing
And treated me like a king in a ring
Nusaiba Anis Khan | Class 7-A | NNP-VI
This world is so big, so big and wide
but what do the people do inside?
They destroy and fight and leave no light
we don’t want war, we want peace
but peace is not something you can find,
to make peace my friend you must learn to be kind
you must learn to tolerate , those who hate
go kill them with kindness, and show them your wise-ness
Together lets unite to bring peace and make this world a masterpiece!
Maria Ali | Class VI-A | Beaconhouse Frontier Campus
The stars in the sky are sparkling and bright
They all appear in my sight
In the sky they shine
For a long, long time
From night to midnight
They just give me light
Up above the world so high
Like gem stones in the sky
When the blazing sun is gone
When there’s nothing to shine on
Then it shows its little light,
Twinkle twinkle, all the night.

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