A Tribute to Asma Jahangir
Rumaisa Habib | A Level| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore

As a woman I am expected
To be quieter than my footsteps
For my shoes are made of something dainty
And by someone whose name I can't pronounce

I am supposed to make my sentences as short as my stature
For the fear that no one will listen if I continue

As a woman
When I see someone 5 feet like Asma Jahangir
With an influence larger than herself
With sentences longer than I thought I could ever use
For the fear of being irrelevant
Being 5 feet feels not so bad for me

As a woman
When I realise my worth
Is not defined by the space I occupy
Rather it's the words that occupy the mind
I realise it's time to buy new shoes
That reflect the loudness of how I feel
In the attempts that if I step hard enough
Backs will turn to me

Nature is bright
Because of the sun’s light
A crow advised, it is
Not right to fight
Like Spike who saw
A Nest in the tree
Set the birds free
Nature produce
Which human reduce
My wishes and whims pray
Rain shower is to spray
Nature be increased
Factories be decreased
The dancing flowers, waving grass
Enhance nature’s beauty
Planting trees is a human’s duty
Abdullah Muhammad | Grade: V-D | Beaconhouse F- 7/3 Primary Islamabad
Once there was a beautiful kite
Which flew with all of its might
It also amazingly soared
So the one watching it, was never bored
And I love exquisite kites

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