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Sehryar Ahsan | Class VIII-B | Beaconhouse Canal Side Boys’ Campus
I’ve skimmed through these pages
And then I’ve closed the book
As I pass through these stages
It’s time I took a closer look

At the stars that glow with bright cheerful light
At the winds that whisper and sing in delight
At the water that flows, at the birds that soar
At the amenities we have, yet we ask for more

The world is a page that’s yours to fill
With your heart’s deepest desires
The world is parchment and you are the quill
Fly as high as you can, then soar higher

For perfection is a myth, it doesn’t exist
Do your best and be proud of what’s done
For once you open your eyes and see through the mist
You realize the world is but your reflection

And so see a world where we still discover
Mirth wherever there is sorrow
And whenever we fall, we always recover
For there is always the hope of tomorrow
Treat Me Right
Soha Naseer | Class IV-B | Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary-VI
I’m a human being, not a mut!
so stop treating me as if I were,
I am a small bud
I am the nation’s future
To make your future bright
You need to treat me right

I will be more polite
I will make you the queen of night
I will give you Turkish delight
If you will treat me right

I will be happy day and night
I will jump around, sleep aside
Moon and stars will be bright
If you will treat me right

I will be on a flight
There will be sparkling light
I will sleep on sea side
If you will treat me right

I will eat lots of egg white
I will enjoy the drink sprite
I will have a healthy diet
If you will treat me right

I will be good with my eyesight
I will make my knowledge tight
I will study burial site
I want you to treat me right

I will learn traffic lights
I can fly a high kite
Though I am afraid of height
Please treat me right

If you are good at wrong and right
You can make my tears wipe
Or one day I will get quite
So, please treat me right
My Friends
Eeman Arshad | Class IV-A | Beaconhouse Steel Town Branch
I like my friends very much
They are always in trust
We always play together
We are friends forever
My friends are not rude
They are always in a happy mood
If I shift
I will wish for friends like this
And if I do not get
I will always lie on my bed
Do nothing only go to school
Like a fool