Stinging Nettles
Sara Javed | Class VII-Red | Beaconhouse Walton Campus
I shut my eye and I smile,
As my imagination takes over my instincts,
I smile gladly as I open my eyes - a bit hesitant.

And see a large, open ground in front of me,
With flowers and grass waving merrily in the breeze
I kick of my sandals in pure delight,
And run along bare footed but glad,
The nettles sting my feet, and I give a cry,
As the stinging nettles make my feet bleed,
And the pain is too much for me to bear as I weep.

I come back to my poor senses,
As I walk upon the bed of glass,
And it pierces my feet
I scream in utmost agony and misery.
The First Sunrise of New Year
Sara Javed | Class VII-Red | Beaconhouse Walton Campus
The warm mellow scent of Mocha,
Cascades in my room in spirals,
The mist rising from the mug,
Kissing my lips softly, sweetly
Just like the fog,
That kisses the vibrant sun,
Like a mother kisses a newborn,
The first sunrise of the New Year,
And the moon maiden of the previous year,
Wafting away from its love; so glum
The sky engulfs them both in its embrace,
As the sun dies each night for the moon,
To become alive
Isn't it a splendorous beginning?
To a wonderful new year
A time to forgive and forget,
And embrace yourself,
For what you are
The Right Path
Awais Javed | Class VII-Silver | Allama Iqbal Town Campus
Be on the right path,
And there you have to stay.
If you don’t, then you’ll go astray,
All you have to do is pray.

And then God will take your care,
Do good deeds and always share,
And it won’t even take any fare,
Do good, let go of the bad,
It will do nothing but make you sad.
Evil will surround you
With darkness and dust,
All you have to do is trust.
Do good you must,
“Thank me for what I have given you,”
Says God,
I can assure you really,
It’s not a fraud,
Be on the right path,
And there you have to stay,
If you don’t, then you’ll get astray.

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