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Huda Fatima | Class II-C | BKI F 10/4 II
I'm  a  snail  with  a  shell  on  my  back
I slither along leaving a slimy track
If you touch me I hide inside
When  you  are  gone  I  again  start  my  slide.
Mohammad Arman | Class II-D | BKI F10/4 II
I'm a spider I trap flies
When I creep, the baby cries
If  I  bite  you  chase  me with  a  pan
I'm  so  sorry  you  don't  change  into  spider-man.
Arooj Altaf | VIII Blue | BSSK Campus
As I opened the morning red window,
something made me delighted like blooming blossoms.
In the brilliant, aromatic, green garden,
I could see them charming like diamonds.

Butterflies, the glamour of nature.

They flattered their red, pink, blue wings,
that had wonderful art patterns and designs.
They camouflaged in the multicolored flowers,
what an idea? How clever they are!

Butterflies, the glamour of nature.

Slowly, like seagulls, they flew in the wide blue sky,
to relish the fun of the natural cool breeze.
They flew on top of the trees,
that enhanced the natural beauty.
Aren't they the most engaging of all?

Butterflies, the glamour of nature.
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