Arooba Razi | Class X matric | Sialkot Campus
'A small cry of an orphan child'

I think my dad is amazing!
I think my dad is gorgeous!
When he is with me,
I am shattered.
When he is gone,
I feel like a lonely bird.
My eyes are thirst to see him,
Where ever he could be...
I think my dad is amazing!
I think my dad is gorgeous!
He makes me feel that I can do wonders.
He never wants to see me doing blunders.
He wants me to rise and shine as a golden crown.
I think my dad is amazing!
I think my dad is gorgeous!
When I am in the school.
He waits near the gate.
I am picked, hugged, loved and cared.
I close my eyes.
And think how lucky I am...
I think my dad is amazing!
I think my dad is gorgeous!
But at once...
With open eye I found myself crying.
Look side by side
My dad my amazing dad!
Is a dream whish never ends.
And my dream stayed as a cloud.
Success And Loss
Huda Mir | X-C Green | Gujrat Campus
What's success without loss?
You can't win every toss!
It's something that makes you strive-
It's what makes you actually feel alive!
How come will you adore the bliss?
When you can't differentiate with loss and malice?
True happiness comes, in dreams you believe!
Only then even after defeat, can you achieve!
For the plant which knows how to bend,
After the storm, opportunities extend!
It's then when you realize the talent,
To a negligent life, it's not equivalent!
You work hard, you have a goal,
The determination plays a vital role.
Positivity flows, you finally gather moss.
Could it be possible, if there was no loss?
The Winter Breeze
Ahmed Shahab | VIII C | Senior Boys Branch, Peshawar Road Campus, Rawalpindi
Winter is here;
Feel the wind whispering in your ear,
Telling how it has waited for an year,
Now, after so long time is near.

The skies are rumbling;
The trees are rocking,
As steady as chanting,
Spellbinding like music.

The days of the blistering sun have come;
And with the sands of time they have gone,
Now is the winter wind's rule,
Slowly taking over the world.

Spreading peace and harmony;
Riding the world of summer's tyranny,
Everyone is letting out a sigh of relief,
For gone are days of eternal grief.

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