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Affia Ahsan | IX-C (O'Level) | 78-A-1, Township, Lahore
Learn and gain education,
Be free from confusion.
Drive out every doubt,
Be happy and be stout.

Only true education,
brings us to civilization,
Gives us the prosperity,
Peace, pleasure and modesty

Education, education,
helps in communication,
Creates a bright vision,
Enables to reach our mission.

Education is the success story,
Earn fame, earn glory,
Learn and gain Education,
Be a perfect Gentleman!
Education is Success!
Mubashra Ashraf | IX-C (O'Level) | 78-A-1, Township, Lahore

The one who gains education
Ends up in worldwide specialization

Life without education is a stress
You will end up in a mess

Life without education is barren and dull
Without it you will look like a dirty sea gull

Education enhances ones future
You can also become a tutor

Real identity and pride is what you acquire
So education should be everyone's desire
Right to Education
Saman Tanveer | X-M | Sargodha Girls Campus

I have the right to live, but to live in the light
Deprived, stripped and stolen despite
The right so debated and argued by might
I can't help feel devastated by the bite
The wound in my being, the wound in my mind
The bite so deep in my soul so blight
All of them people say I can't think right
But the right to education is the one for which I fight
Alas in the end I'm just a bird of the night
Though, one day you'll suffer seeing us in black & white

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