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Education is Success!
Mubashra Ashraf | IX-C (O'Level) | 78-A-1, Township, Lahore

The one who gains education
Ends up in worldwide specialization

Life without education is a stress
You will end up in a mess

Life without education is barren and dull
Without it you will look like a dirty sea gull

Education enhances ones future
You can also become a tutor

Real identity and pride is what you acquire
So education should be everyone's desire
Right to Education
Saman Tanveer | X-M | Sargodha Girls Campus

I have the right to live, but to live in the light
Deprived, stripped and stolen despite
The right so debated and argued by might
I can't help feel devastated by the bite
The wound in my being, the wound in my mind
The bite so deep in my soul so blight
All of them people say I can't think right
But the right to education is the one for which I fight
Alas in the end I'm just a bird of the night
Though, one day you'll suffer seeing us in black & white