My Friends
Eeman Arshad | Class IV-A | Beaconhouse Steel Town Branch
I like my friends very much
They are always in trust
We always play together
We are friends forever
My friends are not rude
They are always in a happy mood
If I shift
I will wish for friends like this
And if I do not get
I will always lie on my bed
Do nothing only go to school
Like a fool
My first experience to cinema
Syeda Eeman Arshad | Class IV-A | Steel Town Branch
It was very nice to go
Watching the 3 bahadur show

There were three heroes
One sang wherever he goes

There was one girl
Everywhere she twirls

I was very excited
Everything in the cinema was lighted

We took many pics
In the movie every song was with lyrics

It was my first time
I enjoyed the popcorn with lemon and lime.
Copycat Shadow
Musaikah Iqbal | Class VI-A | Beaconhouse NNP-V
The guy all in grey or sometimes incandescent,
Copies the way we walk, talk, dance, jump, run,
So it should be a copy cat!

Every human being has one along with him,
So big in light but so small without light!

Sometimes looks so awful,
As it sticks to us as we are his nurse!

Aww! That poor thing can do nothing except for copying.
That lazy copycat is called a shadow!

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