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The Dreamer
Sara Javed | Class VI-Red | Walton Campus
I was not a powerful soul, I was the dreamer.

I was not a beautiful soul, I had my fair share of scars and bruises.

I was not a pitied soul, I was thought to be loud and rash.

I was not a loved soul, I was stoned to death.

Oh, my dear child! I was the dreamer! Nay; death does not mean what you think.

Death means; the soul has been shattered, It has been cruelly battered,

It has been rattled by a savage giant, It has been torn; oh, my shattered pride!

It has been laughed upon; oh, my battered prejudice! It has been stomped upon; oh, my dear heart!

Oh, my dear child! I am the dreamer! Tsk! You thought that was cold and harsh, my death, dear child, was far apart.

Murdered brutally; not a single tear in sight! The limp body left to rot, under a cold, dark mound, like a prisoner!

My writings! My ideas! My thoughts! All left to gather dust and grime, under an old, woebegone pile! Oh, my dear child! I was the dreamer!
World Forestry Day
Shafia Samdani and Mariyah Fahim | PECHS Primary Campus
To save life, save trees
All you have to do is follow the key
If you follow the key, you see the view
Don’t forget the key is only you
Don’t cut trees, but plant more
Remember that for sure
World Forestry Day is here
Time to take action and not fear
The Way It Goes
Shaharyar Ahsan | Class VII-B | Canal Side Boys Campus
Go ahead, turn around
Life is all upside down
Touch the skies, reach the ground
Spare a smile, flash a frown

Life is nothing but a choice
Choose what you want to do
Listen to your own voice
What's false just might be true

Life is more than what's in sight
It keeps us on our toes
What seems so wrong could be right
That's just the way it goes

So flare up brighter than the sun
Be more symbolic than a rose
The word will be yours when you're done
That’s just the way it goes