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How to Bring Happiness Back to Pakistan
Wardah Hashim | VIII-Orange | Palm Tree Campus, Gujranwala
Where has the happiness gone?
Without happiness our country is alone,

My homeland was full of birds, flowers and beautiful seas,
And the birds chirping on beautiful trees.

My country was full of elegant air,
Which was looking beautiful and fair.

My Pakistan has ripening golden crops,
Which are as beautiful as glittering feathers of dancing peacocks.

The ecstasy of rain which came from clouds,
It makes all Pakistanis very proud.

Happiness will be back with peace,
As Allah has given us good luck keys.

This can be done,
When we have a quick run,

With the broadminded and remarkable readers,
In the form of devoted and sincere leaders,

Who will teach lessons of prosperity and education
And Pakistan will rise as a strong nation.
Farewell, 2015
Abdullah Moeen | Canal Side Boys Campus | Lahore
Farewells are never easy I know, this may sound a little crazy

But goodbyes are a part of our lives Time indeed flies

In the end, memories are all that are left And these memories are forever to be heft

Memories can be good or bad So let's make good memories and not be sad

There is a simple recipe to make good memories A pitch of friends, 5 spoons of smiles and a handful of glees

We gather here today to say farewell to some of our friends May you prosper forever and remember us till the end....
Hani Nasar | VIII-C | Canal Side Boys Campus, Lahore
In the dignity of your eyes there is a restlessness,

Like flames of evening scatter in the sky

. Why is your countenance so solemn,

And again in whose waiting is your scarf full of silence.

Hold those flames, as they seem to rise.

I've been gasping, at the infinity, you hold in those eyes.