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Shaharyar Ahsan | VII-B | Beaconhouse Canal Side Boys’ Campus
A wisp of light, a fading beam
A living once upon a dream
A destination out of sight
A light that dances through the night

A curse, a gift or a mystery?
A mesmerising melody
A dream that can come alive
A reason to strive

A figment of the past
A story that will last
The decision of destiny
Now it’s just a memory
Don’t be Afraid
M Shaharyar Ahsan | VII-B | Canal Side Boys Campus, Lahore
Stop living in the shadow Stop making yourself feel shallow Start stepping out of the shade Start breathing, don't be afraid

Life and dreams aren't worth waiting Opportunities aren't worth wasting Don't be afraid, it's not worth sharing Truth and lies aren't worth pairing

Don't be afraid, don't be absurd Don't be afraid to make yourself be heard Don't be afraid to stand on your own ground Don't be afraid to turn your life around

It's not important to be perfect It's not important and it's not worth it Don't be afraid, just let it go Don't be afraid, follow your own flow

Stop sleeping it's time to wake up Start drinking from your own cup Live life the way it's supposed to be If you don’t believe me, go out and see

Don't be afraid, you know best Start building your own nest Put your own self to the test
When the Reaper Wails
Sara Javed | VI-Red | Beaconhouse Walton Campus, Lahore
When the reaper wails, the soul cries out, It screams and shuts inside the body,

“Thine last place has arrived, thou shalt not survive!” he screams, The soul, it hugs the body, utterly distressed,

“Nay, thou cannot survive the reaper’s curse, when he wails,” the cold voice booms, Like a knife scraping against a rock,

The fire burns out, and darkness engulfs the human, The reaper, he touches the soul with a thin finger,

The soul gives a last deep wail, And understand into nothingness,

The reaper removes his veil, There is nothing, just darkness,

“The reaper is nothing…just a cloak with scenes of delightful death…” he laughs, He clasps the soul quietly in his elongated hand,

He stalks away, only the limp body is left, Waiting to be buried, under a cold, dark mound