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Hani Nasar | VIII-C | Canal Side Boys Campus, Lahore
The gleaming embers leaped and pirouette in a fiery dance. Glittering like stars in the hot whirling air,

before cascading to earth like exuberant fire fiends. It was soul consuming, throwing piercing spears,

which refracted in those eyes. It was a tuft which exploded into the blackness.

It was an innate defect, which gave birth to a demon.

How dare to incessantly look in those eyes, which absorbs the power to shatter the world.

It is a raging ball, try your might to look him in the eye, and say I see you - See
The Prisoner of Life
Sarem Khan Leghari | Class VIII-Yellow | BSS Defence

The girl sat in the bottom of a fifteen foot well
Thinking of the days she had a family
When she was not on the verge of losing her sanity

She could still hear the cries of her baby brother
As above them helicopters began to hover

She remembered the smell of her mother’s appetising food
Or that day in her house, when toxic gas was spewed

Her only crime, to be born in a place so long torn by war
That not even her grandparents remembered the good times before

As she cried, she began to lose hope
But then she saw something throw down a rope

She held the rope and began to climb
As she hopefully thought of her future, a good time

She reached the top of the well,
And felt the warmth of the Sun against her pale face

A man with a smirking face pulled her out
But in her mind she had not a single doubt

As she turned her face to thank the man
He planted four knives in her back
As he pushed her down the well again

Asadullah Asif | Student Correspondent TBT | North Nazimabad Cambridge Branch
Rain, as it falls, as it pours to the ground
Some kind of magic - love it brings around
Feelings in the wind today, some kind of pain
A blend of grief and content-
Ah the beautiful rain!