Treat Me Right
Soha Naseer | Class IV-B | Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary-VI
I’m a human being, not a mut!
so stop treating me as if I were,
I am a small bud
I am the nation’s future
To make your future bright
You need to treat me right

I will be more polite
I will make you the queen of night
I will give you Turkish delight
If you will treat me right

I will be happy day and night
I will jump around, sleep aside
Moon and stars will be bright
If you will treat me right

I will be on a flight
There will be sparkling light
I will sleep on sea side
If you will treat me right

I will eat lots of egg white
I will enjoy the drink sprite
I will have a healthy diet
If you will treat me right

I will be good with my eyesight
I will make my knowledge tight
I will study burial site
I want you to treat me right

I will learn traffic lights
I can fly a high kite
Though I am afraid of height
Please treat me right

If you are good at wrong and right
You can make my tears wipe
Or one day I will get quite
So, please treat me right
My Friends
Eeman Arshad | Class IV-A | Beaconhouse Steel Town Branch
I like my friends very much
They are always in trust
We always play together
We are friends forever
My friends are not rude
They are always in a happy mood
If I shift
I will wish for friends like this
And if I do not get
I will always lie on my bed
Do nothing only go to school
Like a fool
My first experience to cinema
Syeda Eeman Arshad | Class IV-A | Steel Town Branch
It was very nice to go
Watching the 3 bahadur show

There were three heroes
One sang wherever he goes

There was one girl
Everywhere she twirls

I was very excited
Everything in the cinema was lighted

We took many pics
In the movie every song was with lyrics

It was my first time
I enjoyed the popcorn with lemon and lime.

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