The Alchemist The Alchemist

Aliha Ali | Class VII-Pink

Book: The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Review: A boy named Santiago, who was a shepherd, lived in Tarifa. Twice, he had a dream that he found treasure, so he went to a gypsy who could interpret his dream. The gypsy told him that he would find the treasure near the pyramids. He thought she was a fraud, however the gypsy wanted one-tenth of his treasure if he found it. Next day he sold his flock and got enough money to go on his quest.

When he reached Tanger he got robbed and was left with nothing. He worked for a crystal merchant for a year and collected enough money to go to the pyramids. He joined some people who were crossing the desert, he reached the oasis and met a girl named Fatima, whom he started loving. An alchemist he met on the way told him to follow his destiny or he’d always regret it. He then continued towards the pyramids but found nothing. From some people there he learned that the treasure was hidden beside a church in Tanger. The boy went back to his home land and found his treasure and went for Fatima.

Maha Asim| Class VII-D | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Author: By Melissa J Morgan

Review: This is a great story and for people who haven't read this book, they definitely should. It really is a very amazing book.


Natalie is a really fashionable city girl and thinks that coming to camp Lakeview will be completely boring. However, she has no choice but to go because of her mother. When Natalie first arrives she finds camp life completely unexciting but then she finds that she might actually like it here unless her big secret gets out.

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