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The Forgotten The Forgotten

Muhammad Muzmmil | Class IX-G | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Author: David Baldacci

Review: David Baldacci somehow finds a way to keep two stories of two sets of people running side by side and then manages to merge both of them without making anything boring.

Summary: When military veteran John Puller discovers that his aunt has died of some disease, he suspects foul play. With evidence in the form of a letter, he arrives in Paradise Bay to find the truth. He soon finds that many other mysterious things are going on there. He, along with police officer Cheryl Landry, tries to continue his mission but soon finds himself in the midst of an even bigger plot that was uncovered by his aunt. He soon gets help from one star military general Carson and together they find allies in undercover officer Diaz and Bulgarian worker Mecho. They soon suspect they have a traitor in their midst and find that they are up against Lampart and Steven Rojas. Finally, with a lot of teamwork and selflessness, they stop Lampart’s slavery programmes and Mecho gets his revenge in the true Bulgarian manner.
The Beast The Beast

Fajar Rafi | Class VIII-Green | Beaconhouse PTC

The remote and dramatically Scottish valley seems like the perfect spot for a family holiday but as soon as Amanda arrives there, she cannot help but feel something is wrong. Grant cannot understand why his sister is so freaked out and scared. No one believes in Amanda’s fear, even when she sees mysterious shadows on the mountainside and strange scratches on her brother’s back. But when Grant hears scary sounds of a strange, huge creature roaming around their tent at night, he realises why his sister is scared. Somewhere out there, the beasts are getting stronger and readying themselves to attack. Soon Amanda and Grant are locked in a deadly battle with the terror that is stalking the Valley of the Shadows.

The characters in this story are very interesting. It started off good and then got greater – scarier. This book is written by Ann Evans, a successful children’s author and an award winning feature-writer. She was inspired to write The Beast after holidaying in Scotland. This book was published in the UK in 2007 by Usborne publishing LTD.