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Mr Majeika and the School Trip Mr Majeika and the School Trip

Eman Habib | Class VI-Orange | (BG PTC)

Author name: Humphrey Carpenter

Review: Class three at St Barty's School goes on amazing adventures with Mr Majeika, the ex-wizard turned teacher. The class is very excited about a visit to the outdoor activity center but with Mr Majeika and his spells around, the trip turns into an adventure they could never have imagined. There's a trip down a magic river, a battle to save St Barty's from a wrecking ball, and work experience for the class.
Naughty Amelia Jane Naughty Amelia Jane

Amna Arshad | Class VI-Orange | (BG PTC)

Author Name: Enid Blyton

Review: This story is about a mischievous doll named Amelia Jane. All the store bought toys in the nursery are always well behaved, but homemade Amelia Jane is always up to tricks. Amelia Jane can never be good for more than one week. She often plays nasty tricks on the other toys and gets them all into trouble. As a result, the toys always try to teach Amelia Jane a lesson by playing some tricks on her, but Amelia Jane never learns. With every trick she plays, someone always ends up hurt, and sometimes even she gets upset. After each trick she plays, Amelia Jane promises to be good, but never remains true to her promise.

Through the actions of Amelia Jane it is very easy to highlight the dangers of being naughty and playing tricks. Also, no matter how naughty Amelia Jane has been, the other toys in the nursery always help her when she is in trouble or frightened. This teaches us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Overall it is a very enjoyable book, with lots of lessons hidden in each chapter.