Dork Diaries Dork Diaries

Zara Amir | Class VI-A | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Book: Dork Diaries

Author: Rachel Renee Russel

Review: This book is witty, entertaining and well written. The characters are amusing and the story is interesting. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Summary: Dork Diaries is a fictional, humorous book series that follows the life of 14 year old Nikki Maxwell. The book starts off with Nikki moving to a new school where she meets mean girl Mackenzie. She befriends two girls, Chloe and Zoey. She has a bratty six year old sister, Brianna. The book is written in a diary form and tells us about the funny events that take place in Nikki’s everyday life.

Zara Amir |VI-A Defence Campus Karachi

Alice- Miranda: At School

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Review: The book was great. The plot was interesting and the characters were entertaining.


The book is about a seven year old girl who starts her first day at boarding school. There she meets Millicent, a sweet girl who becomes her friend, the school’s biggest tantrum thrower Jacinta and Alethea, the biggest snob ever. There is also the mystery of the school’s headmistress, Miss Grimm, who hasn’t been seen in 10 years. Alice-Miranda has many adventures such as going to a wilderness camp and taking part in a sailing race.

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