Sword of Light Sword of Light

Muhammad Muzammil | Class IX-G | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Book: Sword of Light

Author: Katherine Roberts

Review: Sword of Light is an entertaining book with an astounding story. The way the author describes the events captures the readers’ interest, almost playing out like a movie in the readers’ mind. This book is great for those who like medieval settings and old-fashioned fighting.

Summary: Rhianna Pendragon watches in surprise as her life takes a very unusual turn. When her father, Arthur Pendragon, is killed in battle by his own nephew and Rhianna’s cousin Mordred, he tries to possess the Sword of Light, Excalibur, A famed sword rumoured to take away the soul of whoever touches it, except for the Pendragon bloodline. Helped by his mother Morgan la Fay, an evil witch, Mordred tries to get claim Pendragon throne. Rhianna is sent to recover Excalibur and use it to help Sir Arthur’s faithful knights against Mordred’s henchmen. Prince Elphin is also is sent with his magical harp to aid in the quest, along with Alba, Evenstar, their loyal mist horses and also valiant efforts from Sir Bors and his knights.
Stars and Planets Stars and Planets

Adan Jawad | Class VIII-Yellow | Beaconhouse JTC Senior Girls

Book: Stars and Planets

Author: Dr Mike Goldsmith

Review: The book “Stars and Planets” is the ultimate visual guide to the universe. It is a complete resource which gives information about everything related to stars and planets, ranging from space stations to life on other planets. It is a joy for science and science-fiction fans to read about starships, space rubble and life on other planets, stars and moons. This book takes you on a journey to other galaxies and solar systems, providing fascinating facts about our vast universe.

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