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Throne of Glass Throne of Glass

Maheen Asim | Class VII-Amber | Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus Gujranwala

Author: Sara J Maas Review: Throne of Glass is one of the best fantasy stories written by Sara J Maas, something that you can read many times and still enjoy.

Caleana is a well-known assassin and is the queen of the underworld, but when she is captured and send to a death camp, her survival instints are tested. After a year of hardship, she is summoned by the Crown Prince of Andarlan to take part in a competition. The competition promises to appoint her as the king’s champion for four years if she wins and ultimately, it shows her a path to gaining her freedom.

To find out if she succeeds, come and join the mystical adventures of Caleana, Andarlan’s assassin.
One Hundred Names One Hundred Names

Nimra Adnan | Class X-C | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Review: If you are looking for a novel with hope and inspiration then you have reached your destination. One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern is a story of a journalist names Katherine Logan. Katherine starts out as a successful and brilliant journalist until one unfortunate day, a scandal involving her starts the worst time of her life.

She becomes jobless, friendless and scared to step into her own house as people treat her like a criminal. Her life gets worse as her only hope, her best friend, tragically dies. Her friend leaves behind a list containing a hundred names that Katherine has never heard of before. So, Katherine decides to use her journalism skills to unlock the mystery of that list of names.

As she goes down the list, Katherine meets people who are heroes and simply delightful in their own special ways. This story shows how people’s lives are filled with uncertainties and how they could lose all the things they love in the matter of a single day. This book is a must-read, with an eye-opening message of having trust and hope and that sometimes your heart can be changed by the most unexpected people – people you may have never even met before.

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