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Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony

Fatima Adnan|Class VI-Orange

Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony

By Eoin Colfer

In this book, Artemis calculates that the time warped island that demons live on is slowly unraveling. He is attempting to prove his calculation by detaining a time warped demon. With a demon as proof, he is hoping that fairy kind will take him seriously and take action to save the demon race. When he shows up at the next demon appearance, he finds that he is not the only one who has made calculations about demon appearances. A girl Artemis's age, name Minerva, kidnaps the displaced demon in hopes of completing research on the demon and hopefully winning the Noble Prize. Of course everyone's plans end up collapsing and chaos ensues.

The book is action packed and non-stop fun. The new characters introduced are wonderful. Minerva is the perfect female counterpart to Artemis. Holly is in for a lot of action and Foaly has a whole new bag of tricks in his hands. Artemis is taking his turn as a "good guy" seriously and his new outlook on life really endears him to the reader. The addition of Minerva as a possible love interest is very interesting. Finally, Artemis has someone to laugh at quark jokes with.
The Last Don The Last Don

Muhammad Muzammil | Class IX-G

This is an interesting book that is related to the crime world that still lurks in America and Sicily. It shows how people act in revenge or love. What people do for money and fame and how the mafia uses its power. Mario Puzo excels in describing strategical murders.

Characters: Don Clericuzio, Giorgio, Vincent, Petie, Pippi, Cross, Dante, Losey, Athena, Claudia, Bobby, Skippy Deere and Molly Flanders

Summary: Don Clericuzio, an 80-year-old mafia don and also the strongest don in America, wants to decide on who to make the next don and the next family hammer .His sons Giorgio ,Vincent And Petie make good candidates but his nephew Pippi is on the verge of retirement so his grandsons Cross and Dante are the only candidates. Cross gets the lead to become the hammer because of his successful operations but he gets disqualified because of his kindheartedness. Dante is very unpopular because of his ‘bloody mouth’ (not a disease, a Sicilian metaphor). Dante hates Pippi and his son Cross for a very specific reason. He kills Pippi as an act of revenge but he is then killed by Cross. The don angered by Cross’s actions exiles him from America.

Cross’s sister, Claudia works as a movie writer who often comes to him for help. She works very hard to become a bankable writer. She comes to Cross when Athena goes missing because of threats from her husband and Loddstones Movie Company sends her to bring back the actor. After Cross takes charge the husband seems to have committed suicide and left many suicide notes. Athena comes back and the movie makes a lot of money and ten percent is given to cross. After a scandal the company is taken over by a rich Italian and Claudia becomes the top movie writer. Cross and Athena then migrate to France with Athena autistic daughter.

Recommendation: I would not recommend it to anyone unless they have read “The Sicilian” which talks about the laws of omerta and understands Mario Puzo’s writings