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Book Review: The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs Book Review: The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs

Abdullah Khan | Class I-A | NNP-1

A couple named Tom and Elena lived in a village. They were very poor and earned their living by selling hen and goose eggs. One day, Tom found a golden egg, which he sold to a goldsmith. He started finding the golden egg daily and soon became very rich. One day, the couple thought, "Why do we have to wait every day for an egg?" They both planned to take out all the eggs at once. So, they killed the goose but didn't find any egg inside.

Now they had lost everything and once again became poor.

Moral: Don't be greedy, otherwise you will lose everything.
Book Review: Who Cloned the President? Book Review: Who Cloned the President?

Aimon Jalees | Class VI-A | NNP-1

Who Cloned the President is a hilarious story about two cloned presidents of the United States. The writer of this mysterious story is Ron Roy and illustrations are done by Timothy Bush.

I found it to be very interesting and witty. The story starts with two fourth graders, a girl named KC and her best friend Marshall. They both noticed right away when the President of the United States started acting funny on TV; while signing some papers he behaved very weird. The main thing KC and Marshall noticed was that the president was signing the papers with the wrong hand. Suspecting that something was wrong, they reached the White House after facing many hurdles, and tested the presidents to find out which one was real. After confirmation, they quickly informed the police. The rest of the people involved were also arrested. They saved the president and received gold medals for their bravery.

Overall the story was exciting, but too unbelievable to take seriously. I felt that it would have been better if it was more real and somewhat a little simpler. Still, the story is good for those who love to read mysteries.

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