Movie Review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Movie Review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Bisma Shabbir | VIII A | BSS Girls Campus Sargodha

Once there was a little boy named Willy Wonkers. He was very fond of eating chocolates but his father was a dentist and did not let him eat chocolates. One Halloween night, he came back with some candies to his home and his father threw them into the fire.

When Willy grew up, he opened a huge chocolate factory of his own. As no one was allowed to go in that factory, Willy Wonkers launched a scheme - finding five golden tickets hidden in chocolates would win a trip to the chocolate factory.

The game had actually been designed to test the greed of the contestants. The five lucky winners Augustus, Violet, Charlie, Veruca and Mike went to the factory. Augustus was the fat boy, Voilet had the habit of chewing gums all the time, Veruca was a spoiled brat and his father was a millionaire and Mike was a clever boy, but Charlie was a poor boy with no greed for anything in his heart.

The journey started and gradually all children were kicked out of the game except Charlie. As a gift for not being greedy, Willy Wonker called Charlie to live in the chocolate factory with his family.
Movie Review: Rio Movie Review: Rio

Ahmad Ajmal | Class IX-C | F-11/4

Rio is an extraordinary story about overcoming fears and making true friends, regardless of what they look like or how they fit in. The movie is set in the amazing Rio de Janeiro.The colours are vibrant, characters are funny and the story is interesting. It pays homage to Director Carlos Saldanha's home country.

The Plot:

Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is a rare macaw, a breed that is almost instinct. He has lived all his life in Minnesota with his doting owner and best friend, Linda. When a scientist asks the two to come to Rio to mate Bluwith another macaw, Linda agrees and brings Blu to Rio to help save his species. Blu meets Jewel (Anne Hathaway), who is a feisty and independent bird longing to escape from her life in captivity.

The two go on an amazing adventure when they are stolen by a bird smuggler and his cockatoo, Nigel (Jermaine Clement). They must work together to escape and get back to where they belong, but first they must undo the chains that bind them together! Along the way, the two meet Rafael (George Lopez) who helps them find a way to break the cuffs and separate from each other.

The Good:

20thCentury Fox's animation team has done an incredible job of recreating the Brazilian city, Rio and has taken the movie to a whole new level.

The music is equally entertaining and fascinating. Musicians William and Jamie Foxx have done a great job of performing many of the songs.

The Bad:

Although the 3D effects are good, they didn't really do anything to augment the film. The 3D effects in Rio aren'tparticularly amazing anyway - it is simply overkill for this otherwise great film.

Overall, it's nice to see such positive representation of Brazil with focus on Rio's rich culture. The scenes of Carnival are just breath-taking and the movie is fun for the whole family from start to finish.