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The Wisdom Club
POSTED: November 27, 2013              BY: Liza Netto | Corporate Communications Manager | Beaconhouse Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur: In a lively event attended by media and children's rights activists, our dear Beaconhouse SEA & Malaysia ...
Dignified Habits
POSTED: November 26, 2013              BY: Nazia Mamun | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Dhaka
Dhaka: Beaconhouse Dhaka celebrated the 6th Global Dignity Day on the school premises on October 9.
Haunting Celebrations
POSTED: November 19, 2013              BY: Wahida Mehnaz | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Dhaka
Dhaka: Beaconhouse Dhaka celebrated Halloween on November 4 in spectacular fashion, with all the students in some truly amazing costumes and a very festive mood!
Charitable Initiative
POSTED: October 30, 2013              BY: Ferdous Hassan | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Dhaka
Dhaka: The students of Beaconhouse Dhaka participated in a TV show called Orel Initiator...
Confident Young Ladies
POSTED: October 24, 2013              BY: Ruby R Pasion | Staff Correspondent TBT | Theresiana de Montelegre Dame School
Manila: At Theresiana de Montelegre Dame School, our students aren’t just taught a mixture of academic subjects, but are also taught the value of confidence and a clean, beautiful appearance.
The Ideal Teacher
POSTED: October 23, 2013              BY: Nazia Mamun | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Dhaka
Dhaka: Six teachers from Beaconhouse Dhaka attended a workshop titled ‘Duties and Responsibilities of a Teacher’...
POSTED: October 11, 2013              BY: Heba Moeen | Assistant Manager Corporate Communications | ROS
Karachi: PECHS Campus held a ceremony called 'Trailblazers' to celebrate the success of its high achievers in various fields outside of academics on October 9.
River Gypsies
POSTED: October 10, 2013              BY: Ayesha Maniya | Staff Correspondent TBT | PECHS Primary I
Karachi: The students of Classes VI-G and VI-H acted as river gypsies who live and work on boats in Bangladesh.
Life of a War Correspondent
POSTED: October 09, 2013              BY: Hajra Shahab | Senior Correspondent | BCCD
Karachi: A series of lectures has been arranged by the Access Centre at Beaconhouse College Campus Defence (BCCD) Karachi.
Eid in Style
POSTED: October 08, 2013              BY: Ghazala Shah | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Sukkur
Sukkur: The Secondary Branch of BSS Sukkur celebrated Eid with lots of excitement and joy.
Serving the Community
POSTED: October 07, 2013              BY: Zubia Akbar | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMI Boys
Islamabad: Our boys have always done us proud and community service is yet another endeavour that makes proud to say that they belong to our school.
Scrabble Champ
POSTED: October 04, 2013              BY: Mihas Rupsi | Staff Correspondent TBT | PECHS O Level
Marium Arif, a student of Class IX-C at PECHS O Level Campus, has made her school proud by being chosen to represent Pakistan...
Heads High
POSTED: October 02, 2013              BY: Attia Randhawa | Staff Correspondent TBT | Johar Town Senior Girls' Campus
Lahore: On achieving the highest GPA in O Levels and the 2nd highest GPA in Matriculation in the entire Central Region...
Gearing Up for Dignity
POSTED: October 02, 2013              BY: Sana Fatima | Staff Correspondent TBT | Jauhar Primary 1
Karachi: This year, the students of Jauhar Primary I will celebrate Global Dignity Day with two partner schools...
Labelling Parts
POSTED: October 01, 2013              BY: Nazia Mamun | Class Teacher | BSS Dhaka
Dhaka: Pre-Nursery students had an interesting lesson on parts of the human body.
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