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Garden Town Primary Campus Wins Jinnah Prize
December 12, 2011: Beaconhouse Garden Town, Lahore (BGTL) Primary, participated in the Design for Change (DFC) Pakistan School Challenge, 2011– Pakistan's largest movement for and by the children.
Bake Day at KG Satellite Town Campus
BY: Asma Gilani | Staff Correspondent, TBT | BSTRK
December 15, 2011: Beaconhouse Satellite Town Campus, Rawalpindi, Kindergarten (BSTRK) organised a Bake Day for Class II. The exercise was related to the procedure writing tasks in their English curriculum.
Interschool Bilingual Declamation at AITC
December 9, 2011: Beaconhouse Allam Iqbal Town Campus (AITC) Primary Section organised a Bilingual Declamation Contest 2011.
Gulshan Middle I Holds Video Conference with Hong Kong International School
BY: Reema Hussain | Staff Correspondents, TBT | Gulshan Middle I
December 5, 2011: Students of Gulshan Middle I participated in a video conferencing session with the Hong Kong International School in late November as part of the Cultural Exchange and Learning Programme.
Recent Activities at Primary Gulraiz Campus
November 28, 2011: Students of Class IV, Primary Branch Gulraiz Rawalpindi (PGBR), organised an Open Day with different activities including a debate session, a multimedia presentation and a project display.
Elocution Contest at Steel Town Campus
November 9, 2011: An elocution contest was held for students of Class I to IV at Steel Town Branch, Karachi.
Recent Activities at Defence Campus Karachi
December 10, 2011: Grade VIII students of Defence Campus, Karachi participated in an iEARN project titled 'Machinto - Hiroshima and today.'
Garden Town Campus Wins Battle of the Bands
POSTED: December 21, 2011              BY: Saadia Kashif | Staff Correspondent, TBT | Garden Town Campus
November 25, 2011: Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus won the National Arts Spectrum Battle of the Bands competition held at Roots School, Islamabad.
Coffee with Grandparents at KG Abbottabad
POSTED: December 21, 2011              BY: Safia Asif | Staff Correspondent | KG Abbottabad
December 16, 2011: BSS KG Abbottabad (BKGA) celebrated the Grandparents Day over a hot cup of coffee.
One Million Bones Project at TNS Beaconhouse
December 16, 2011: TNS Beaconhouse hosted the Bone Party as part of the international project, 'One Million Bones.'
Assembly on Pollution at 41-A/1 Peco Road
BY: Huma Yousaf | Staff Correspondent, TBT | 41-A/1 Peco Road, Lahore
November 25, 2011: Students of Class I presented a grand assembly on Pollution. The primary objective of this assembly was to educate the students about pollution.
Excursions Trips at Johar Town Campus
BY: Sadia Adil |Staff Correspondent, TBT | Johar Town Campus Junior Branch
December 12, 2011: Johar Town Campus, Junior Branch oragnised trips for the students of Nursery, Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten. KG students were taken to the Cinestar cinema to watch the movie Ice Age 3. Students behaved very well and were chaperoned by their teachers.
Table Manners Activity at Garden Town
October 31, 2011: Garden Town Campus organised a table manners activity for the early years students. The purpose of this activity was to help students learn basic manners of eating at a table.
Morning Presentations at Faisalabad Canal Campus
November 31, 2011: Morning Presentations are an integral part of the school routine. They have their own significance and role in school life. Our students absolutely loved the performances and the messages that were delivered through different morning presentations in the month of November.
Investiture Ceremony at Kindergarten Campus, Rawalpindi
November 23, 2011: An Investiture Ceremony of the English Literacy Society was held at Beaconhouse Kindergarten, Rawalpindi to acknowledge the children who are making conscious effort to converse in English.
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