Election Hysteria at BSS Quetta News Story

By Rida Akbar Baloch | Quetta

November 12, 2011: The school was on the verge of long awaitedElection Day, as students hoped that their favourite candidates would win the elections and become the leaders on whom they would be able to rely on for the whole year.

With campaigning posters adorning the school walls and persuasive speeches convincing students to vote for the right candidate, the democratic process of elections was conducted for all students from Grades VII to X. The students were required to produce their identity cards, cast vote on the ballot sheet and leaveafter they received a voting mark on their index fingers. This procedure was followed by the A Level students as well. A total of four candidates had to be elected for the posts of Head Girl and Head Boy, ensued by Deputies. The nominees embraced as many ways they possibly could have to convince the students of senior sections to cast their votes for them. Flamboyant banners with inspirational slogans draped down the Main Campus Edifice which swayed in the refreshing cool breeze of the Quetta valley.

The voters were impassioned with commitment to participate in their democratic electoral process. The candidates used all their abilities to exhibit their leadership qualities; in fact their efforts were the actual spice and sizzle of the election.

A ballot is a sheet of paper which consists of the names and electoral symbols of the candidates. Voters put a stamp-mark on the picture corresponding to their chosen candidate.

When polling was completed, the entire school eagerly awaited the results. Soon enough, their expectancy was met with glad tidings, indeed a moment of utter joy for voters and triumph for winners. Hassan Adil and Rida Akbar Baloch were elected as the Head Boy and Head Girl; their votes counted to 164 each. Zain-ul-Hassan Siddique and BrishnaKasibecame the Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl with 129 and 50 votes respectively. The ceremony came to an end with the sashes distribution event. Leaders are not just managers, they are the change makers. They can motivate a group into the transformation that they visualise. At BSS Quetta, we solemnly and uprightly took up the cause to make transformation, through the selection of effective leadership. The democratic process of choosing the best, who can lead the students, was completed honourably.

Election Campaign in full swing at Quetta Campus

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