Thank You Teachers News Story

Aaiza Nadeem Ghauri | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Johar Town Girls Campus

Lahore: Thankful Beaconites from Beaconhouse Johar Town Girls Campus paid a touching homage to their teachers by organising a grand Teachers’ Day event on October 4, 2019. Students waited for the teachers at the gates early in the morning, handing them roses and wishing them a happy Teacher’s Day. The event started off with the teachers being led to the assembly area on a red carpet followed by a cake cutting ceremony. Speeches, poems and songs were presented by the students to express their gratitude towards their teachers. Certificates of Appreciation were handed to the teachers, along with sashes and witty titles that the students had thought of. Games too were arranged, for both the male and the female staff to liven the atmosphere. The event ended with souvenirs and expressions of gratitude presented to Principal Ms Farida Shahid. Later, the students individually expressed their gratitude and affection for their teachers by giving them handmade cards. It was, on the whole, a heart-warming event that succeeded in promoting in the students a sense of appreciation for teachers who tirelessly work for their betterment and welfare. The internet says ‘Real heroes don't wear capes, they teach!’ Thus, Beaconhouse Johar Town Girls Campus is certain of the fact that teachers truly are heroes!

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