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Beaconhouse and Global Dignity are committed to uniting people in living lives of dignity. We aim to do so by promoting inclusive communities and inculcating values such as respect, honor and dignity in our future generations.

HRH Crown Prince Haakon's message on Global Dignity Day 2019.

Beaconhouse is proud to be associated with Global Dignity and HRH Haakon’s initiative as their partner in this growing global movement that dignifies YOU as who you are and promotes inclusive communities, self-worth and compassion.

Beaconhouse at the Heart of Dignity Day

Mariam Naqui | Office Correspondent TBT | Corporate Communications - Beaconhouse Head Office

Beaconhouse’s vision of a compassionate, ethical and tolerant world starts with practicing dignity. Since the inception of Global Dignity Day in 2006, Beaconhouse has been at the forefront of the promotion of this ideology. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the core values of Beaconhouse are quite identical to the ideology of Dignity Day. Across more than 190 campuses, Beaconhouse Schools conduct Global Dignity Day every year with growing popularity as they phase out their activities that involve the local communities around them. Drop by drop, each Beaconhouse campus creates an ocean of dignity that spans all over Pakistan. Every third Wednesday of October, Beaconites around the world take oath to contribute towards a world seeping in compassion, justice and equality for all; a world where love, understanding and integrity triumphs over intolerance, injustice and inhumanity. Beaconhouse believes that honouring someone’s dignity means opening the doors for acceptance, creating an environment where healthy learning and growing responsibly go hand-in-hand.

HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (co-founder of Global Dignity Day) has posed a pertinent question, “You can change the world because you are a leader. People take inspiration from you, others are influenced by you. How are you going to use that leadership?” A quest Beaconhouse has vowed to resolve via celebrating Dignity Day annually in all its schools around the world. By the end of these celebrations, Beaconites are left feeling empowered as they discover their unique values reflected in all beings and how everyone plays a vital role of keeping peace within the grand design of the universe.

Why dignity above all else? According to the official website,

“Dignity is a feeling in your core.
A belief in your own worth.
A belief in the worth of others.
With dignity, we lead lives of hope, optimism and compassion,
Guided by a universal ethical compass.
Dignity is the belief that our basic humanity is shared with every other person on this planet.”

To find out how you can be part of Global Dignity Day, head over to and act now.


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