Covid-19 Update News Story

Dear parents and students,

This three-week emergency closure of schools is a precautionary measure ordered by the government. There are many questions, such as when schools will open. During this fast-evolving situation, we will be in regular communication with you through our advisory section:

It is an excellent time to start thinking about how we can creatively prepare ourselves for the rapidly changing demands of the times. We ask you to anticipate events based on the reliable information that is available. We are sharing a few thoughts topmost on our minds today, but our thinking and actions will likely evolve as circumstances around us change.

To continue the learning journey of our students while schools are closed, Beaconhouse has the capacity to provide online education and support services through our platform Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted (BSU). Virtual classrooms will be held and teachers will be available to facilitate the continuation of the class curriculum online. Parent-student cooperation and attendance are paramount for this initiative to succeed.

Whether you are staying home or not, it is time to reflect more deeply on health and personal hygiene. There is much talk about safety and social distancing; you must understand why. The virus travels in tiny droplets, saliva and mucus, which typically spread 3 to 5 feet – please be mindful of this common-sense rule. For more information on the virus, please visit

We will continue to provide periodic updates. Let us remind ourselves that it is the duty of each one of us to respond to this pandemic with caution and responsibility. Precaution will mark our way forward.

Yours truly,
TBT Editor

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