Marshall Cavendish Scribo Writing Winners from Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus Girls. News Story

Farah Waqas | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Canal Side Senior Girls Campus Lahore

Lahore: The Marshal Cavendish Education Scribo Essay Writing Contest is an international competition that provides talented writers with a platform to explore artificial intelligence in a variety of ways. It provides the students, a chance, to compete nationwide before qualifying for the International round. Minahil Ali Zia and Aaleen Fatima from Beaconhouse Girls Campus Canal Side have shown some extraordinary performances in the All Pakistan Scribo Contest under Group 1 and 3. We are extremely delighted to announce that the judges found their writing to be original and unique that had the content never been expressed before. Both of our students have qualified for the International round which will be announced soon.

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