BMI-G CON Online 2020-21 News Story

Noreen Ammad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Margalla Girls Campus Islamabad

Islamabad: Beaconhouse Margalla Campus-Girls Branch organized a creative and versatile competition of sketching, cosplays and fanart, enabling students to dress up, sketch and act as their favourite characters. A huge blend of talent was seen 'Ramp walking' and showcasing skits and sketches, thus bringing their characters to life with their brilliant and exuberant performances and drawings. Many students from different levels participated in this competition outshining each other in various categories.

The 'Fanart' became a vivacious gala with the display of splendid pieces of art and artwork. In the Fanart competition, Munazzah Farrukh (XI-Silver) secured the first position, Sameen ( X Purple) second, while, Muqadas Mehroz (VIII White) and Xynah Bukhari (VIII White) shared the third position. Honourable mentions include Filza Arif (IX- Silver) and Merzea Zahra (VII Orange).

In Cosplay Competition, Hareem Fatima (VIII Red) secured the first position, Zynah Malik( VI Red) second, while, Rida Fatima (VII Green) secured third.

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