Saadia Shahzad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

"Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel." - Michael Bassey Johnson

Lahore: LMA Primary 11 FCC held an Inter-School Singing Competition. Enthusiastic singers invited from Grade III, IV and V to showcase their talent in this Virtual Competition; ‘Feel the beat with Karaoke’. Students from Walton Campus, Maryum Nazer from 4 Silver and Dabra Gulzar from 3 Green made us proud.

Maryam sang the song ‘Bolo Bolo kya Dekha’ in pop songs category securing the 1st position while Dabra sang ‘Aey Rah e Haq k Shaheedoan’ in national songs category. Both of them sang very well and secured positions among several brilliant competitors across Beaconhouse schools of Pakistan.

They were a true depiction of having a great tone and control on the high and low notes, showing a great overall performance. Good music is acknowledged and enjoyed wherever may it be heard.

"Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought." - Yip Harburg

Keep singing and keep shining! We are so proud of you!

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