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Caroline Campbell | Staff Correspondent TBT | Pocklington Montessori School

April 23, 2013

Pocklington: Students at Pocklington Montessori School have been using technology for many different purposes, which familiarises them with the tools that are now in use in everyday life all over the world.

The little ones use iPads to research various topics on the Internet and to take photos and make videos. They also use iPads to play games, which improve their dexterity, focus and reflexes.

The students also use the word processor in the ICT suite at the school every week. They practise their computer skills and type out some really good pieces of text. And that's not all! The students also use digital cameras to take photos and always use the CD player independently.

The children often express their joy at being given the chance to use all these devices and say they love the experience.

The little geniuses at Pocklington Montessori enjoy using technology

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