Confident Young Ladies News Story

Ruby R Pasion | Staff Correspondent TBT | Theresiana de Montelegre Dame School

October 24, 2013

Manila: At Theresiana de Montelegre Dame School, our students aren’t just taught a mixture of academic subjects, but are also taught the value of confidence and a clean, beautiful appearance.

The Pre-Elementary students at the school took part in an activity during their Activity Time on Friday that was aimed at teaching them how confidence and good appearance can go a long way in making them successful. During the activity, K1 and K2 girls wore beautiful little tiaras and paper sashes with various titles on them and confidently took part in a pageant. Their classrooms were decorated with flags from around the world and they also learned about foreign countries during the activity.

Confident K1 and K2 girls in their beautiful tiaras and sashes

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