Revival of Dignity News Story

Hira Nasir | Class XI-C-B | Juniper Campus

Nowadays, dignity is hard to find in people and it is sometimes considered irrelevant. Dignity, basically, means the being worthy of esteem or respect, which is an inalienable right of every human being.

To promote and convey the message of the importance of dignity, we, the students of O Levels and A Levels at Juniper Campus, Quetta, decided to arrange a lunch for the school’s junior staff, which included the guards, janitors and gatekeepers.

My schoolmates, our Principal and I served the staff to show equality and eliminate the differences of wealth, status, and creed. This lunch was held to emphasise the need to adopt dignity in our lives and to spread the message that we should exercise dignity in order to remove conflicts and discrimination from our environment. The junior staff was delighted to be treated in such a dignified way.

Furthermore, the school administration and the students carried out fundraising activities such as setting up tuck shops and organising a movie show. The money raised was donated to the orphans of SOS Village.

We all look forward to having further opportunities to encourage the idea of dignity.

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