Be You
Habiba Asif, Class V-A, Student Correspondent TBT, Gulshan Primary VI, Karachi
Aim high to the sky,
In all that you do.
Because you just never know,
What it takes to be you.
Be strong and be brave,
But at the same time be kind.
And always be sure,
That you’re using your mind.
Romaisa Habib | Class A2| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
Outside my walls
I see abled bodied children
Children who have never seen the inside of an x ray room
I was 12 when I had my first x ray
And some days it feels like I never left

Outside my walls
I see sympathy crawling into my space like spiders
Their webs tangle me into a more complicated creature
I was 13 when my siblings first called me the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Outside my walls
I see privilege in a form I'd never seen before
I was 14 when I was afraid of wearing too little
In case I showed too much of everything wrong with me
A convex showcase of bones and ribcage

Outside my walls
There were women who fed me ideologies of the ideal body
I was always too little or too much
I was 15 when I realised there was something so wrong with my body
And this deformed piece of abstract was never really art

Outside my walls
I saw inspiration float to the skies and for the first time I realised it was possible to climb
I was 16 when I first saw a model who looked like me
And my walls felt so much shorter
I was no longer the outsider
The only student with medical bills greater than her tuition fee

Outside my walls
I see people trying to fix themselves
Self love isn't a destination, it's the road
And for some of us this road is winding
I was 17 when I underwent surgery and survived
I was 17 when I did everything in my capacity to make myself look like the person I wanted to be

I'm 18 and self love is still unbeknownst to me

Because when I was only 12 I was diagnosed with loathing my own body
Outside my walls I see children
Looking in to see the show
And always leaving before it's over
Disney Studios
Dua Nadeen | Class V Purple | Beaconhouse I-9 Campus, Islamabad
You must know about Mickey Mouse,
Who lived with his pet, Pluto, in his house
Or that liar Pinocchio who was not so strong,
When he lied; his nose grew long.

All that Big Bad Wolf need was
To eat three pigs with his paws.
Tarzan Mowgli from the Jungle Book,
Was not even scared of Captain Hook.

Little clownfish Nemo,
Was not acting as Dumbo.
In the movie Cars, Lightning McQueen drove so fast
That he didn’t stop till last.

When Alice Went in Wonderland,
Over there she met a musical band.
Belle met Beast, who came up as a prince,
She didn’t get grumpy ever since.

Toy Story Woody,
Was the property of Andy.
And famous Robin Hood
Always went in the woods.

All these characters in Disney magic
From which boredom gets totally allergic.
You can find it in Hollywood,
Go there, if you could.

In Paris, there is a Disneyland,
Which is located near a beach full of sand.
If you went there your dream will become true
Because there you will find Winnie the Pooh.

I guess Annabelle,
Is the sister of Claraselle.
Donald Duck and Sleepy Daisy,
Are also the part of Walt Disney.

It’s a very good company,
It takes you to fantasy.
It will take you to Fantasia
While chewing gum acacia.

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